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    Giottos MTL8251B carbon fibre tripod review

    The best carbon fibre tripods offer maximum strength for minimum weight. But they’re expensive. Our carbon fibre tripod reviews will help you buy the best one for your budget.
    Giottos MTL8251B carbon fibre tripod with Giottos MH5001 ball head

    The Giottos MTL8251B is a few-frills, rather than a no-frills, affair. Neat little touches include a spirit level on the tripod collar, which sits at the top of slim-line, lightweight three-section legs. Despite feeling as compact as most ‘travel’ tripods, it nevertheless reaches a respectable maximum height of 176cm and there’s no hint of flimsiness about the tripod legs, which give a sturdy platform from which to shoot from.

    The centre column is actually metal rather than carbon fibre, so it would have been nice if you could split it to take full advantage of the three-position multi-angle legs but, even so, inverting the centre column for ultra-lowlevel shooting is very quickly and easily accomplished.

    Bringing another two spirit levels to the party, the Giottos MH5001 ball head is a good match for the legs, offering a maximum load capability of 6kg, which is actually a kilogram more than the legs themselves. Controls are smooth, precise and easy to adjust, while the quick release shoe features a neat safety catch to avoid accidental calamity. Overall, the Giottos is a high-quality item that’s beautifully put together, and comes with a smart little toolkit to keep it that way.

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