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    Masterclass: How to make a photo montage


    How to create a photo joiner

    The dramatic cliffs and spectacular vistas of Dorset’s Jurassic coast have an obvious allure to photographers

    from around the world. As a result, it’s one of the most popular photo destinations in the UK, and the famous rock formations appear in many a photographer’s portfolio.

    Durdle Door’s iconic arch has graced the pages of numerous books, calendars and websites, and has been photographed so many times that it can be difficult to create a new interpretation of the subject.

    So, armed with a Canon EOS 40D and inspired by the ‘photo-joiner’ images created by British artist David Hockney, we set off to see if we could get a fresh take on the famous rocks.

    A photo-joiner is a montage made up of several pictures. Before the days of digital photography, artists would simply stick 4×6-inch prints together on a piece of card and assemble the picture rather like a jigsaw puzzle. Photo-joiners often exploit a somewhat crude arrangement of images, in which colours, tones and angles can be skewed or mismatched for creative effect.

    Today, you can replicate this effect in the digital darkroom, with sensational results. We’ll show you how to capture the images, before revealing how to assemble them into a photomontage. So let’s get started…

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