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    Canon 60D: tips for using your EOS camera

    Are you a Canon 60D user?

    So you think you know how to use your Canon DSLR? Like many of us, you may have an EOS camera but tend to use only a handful of its features.

    In our ongoing review of some of the more popular current and ‘out of date’ Canon cameras, we want to help you better harness your camera’s creative potential.

    Call them camera tips, or call it a user’s guide to your favourite Canon DSLR. The advice below comes from experts who have used the Canon 60D and know this DSLR inside and out.

    If you have your own Canon 60D tips you’d like to share, post them in the comments below – or send them What we want to build is an ever-growing user’s guide of Canon 60D tips that come not from a press release or a lab test, but from the photographers who shoot with this DSLR.

    We want to inspire you to twist the mode dial and move beyond your favourite settings and functions and get more out of your Canon 60D starting today! So without further ado…

    Canon 60D: tips for using your Canon DSLR

    Canon 60D: tips for using your digital camera

    Canon 60D Tip 1: Electronic level
    As with the 7D, the 60D features a handy rear- screen level to help you keep your horizons horizontal – Press the INFO button twice to see it. You can also call up a more basic level in the viewfinder, and on the top-plate LCD.


    Canon 60D: tips for using your digital camera

    Canon 60D Tip 2: Raw
    Want to see how a shot would look with a different colour treatment, but don’t want to wait until it’s on your computer? You can process your .CR2 RAW files in-camera – just head for the bottom of the first Playback menu.


    Canon 60D: tips for using your digital camera

    Canon 60D Tip 3: ISO Auto
    The automatic ISO function offers you a balance between versatility and quality, as you can set a maximum ISO from the standard ISO range up to 6400 – it won’t let you select 12800 from the expanded ISO settings.


    Canon 60D: tips for using your digital camera

    Canon 60D Tip 4: SET button
    Custom Function IV: 2 lets you register a shooting function to the SET button. However, this won’t work if the control pad has been set to Manual AF Point Selection using Custom Function III: 2 (AF point selection method).


    Canon 60D: tips for using your digital camera

    Canon 60D Tip 5: Image rating
    Hit the Q button during playback, then use the menu to assign a star rating to your images. These ratings are carried over to Digital Photo Professional, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge, making it easy to find your best shots.

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