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    Survey reveals women fear female opinion in photographs

    British women not bothered by male opinion but concerned about looking fat in photos

    A survey from PhotoBox of 1,000 women aged 18-65, reveals women on the whole aren’t that keen to be photographed. The women of the survey are most bothered by other female opinion, and only 1 in 10 women care about what men think about them in photos. As expected 75% of all women surveyed hate swimwear shots of themselves the most, and women are least comfortable having their photo taken through fear of looking fat in that picture. In group shots, most women have concerns about where they stand. Women in the 46-55 and 55-65 age groups said they would much prefer to stand at the back of a group if having their photo taken. In terms of concerns around ageing, 46-55s worry most about looking old in photos (20%) with 56-65 year olds being much less bothered.

    The survey found the least favourite shot to have taken is the full length portrait but fear not as PhotoPlus regular contributor and Canon pro portrait photographer Annabel Williams shares her top tips…

    1. Choose clothes which you are most comfortable in and are flattering. If you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable

    2.  Think relaxed beauty queen – stand slightly sideways on to the camera, closest leg to camera should be forward, and toe turned out, shoulders turned slightly. Facing straight on will make you appear wider

    3.  Wearing the same colour top and bottom will lengthen you out and v necked shirts and tops elongate your neck

    4.  If you can, look up at the camera – ask the photographer to shoot down on you, your eyes will look bigger and brighter

    5. Enjoy having your photograph taken – if you don’t enjoy the moment, you’re inevitably going to be disappointed with the end result

    View the video of Annabel’s tips here



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