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    Top 10 rainy day photography projects

    Bored with being stuck indoors as it pours outside with rain?! Well worry not anymore as PhotoPlus reveals its top 10 rainy day photography projects to keep you thoroughly entertained…

    1. Make a DIY lightbox using just a window and paper
    Get creative at home and set up a DIY lightbox. To find out how click here.

    Rainy day photography project

    2. Take a closer look at the world around you
    Improve your macro photography skills. We reveal our top 5 tips.

    Rainy day photography project

    3. Shoot a creative portrait using a home studio set up

    We have some great tips for you here from Photographer-artist Miss Aniela.

    4. Photograph an interior
    Perfect your interior photography skills by following out top 10 tips.

    5. Clean your Canon Lenses
    Ok so it’s not exactly a creative project but nevertheless a vital job that needs to be done every so often! Find out how here.

    Rainy day PhotoPlus photo project

    6. Make a splash
    Try some creative water drop photography for abstract results.

    Rainy day photo project

    7. Take a family portrait
    Gather everyone around and create memorable portraits. For some top shooting tips take a look here.

    Rainy day photo project

    8. Shoot water abstracts in your bath
    Believe it or not the bathroom can be a great place for creative photography. Find out how in our tutorial.

    rainy day project

    9. Have fun editing
    Create an abstract image in Photoshop that recreate the Harris Shutter Effect. Follow along with our tutorial.

    10. Make a montage
    Travel photography is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for most photographers. Follow the steps in this simple Photoshop tutorial to learn how to combine your travel pictures and text to make a nice photomontage. Click here to find out how.

    Rainy day project Photoplus




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