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    Canon DSLR Tips: 5 hints and tips for telephoto lenses

    Have you recently bought a new telephoto lens? So you think you know how to use it?  Like many of us, you may have your favourite go-to pieces of kit, but are you really getting the best out of it…

    In our ongoing reviews on various pieces of Canon camera equipment, we want to help you better harness your shooting techniques and that means making sure you’re using your equipment to your advantage. Call them  tips, or call it a user’s guide to your favourite Canon kit. The advice below comes from experts who have used Canon kit and know it inside and out.

    Here’s how to get the most out of your Canon telephoto lenses…

    1. Camera shake

    Telephoto lenses magnify the effects of camera shake, so make sure your shutter speed is at least equivalent to the effective focal length of your lens. Use a tripod, monopod or beanbag for bitingly sharp results.

    2. Stabilisation

    Canon’s popular telephoto lenses feature two image stabilisation modes for reducing camera shake. Choose the ’1′ setting for general photography, and the ’2′ setting for panning to follow moving subjects.

    3. Teleconverters 

    A teleconverter helps you to fill the frame when even a long lens can’t get you close enough. It costs you some light though, so exposure times will be longer unless you select a wider aperture or higher ISO.

    4. Compress the perspective 

    Telephoto zooms aren’t just for photographing wildlife and sporting events; you can use them in landscape and cityscape photography to compress the perspective and create a ‘layered’ effect.

    5. Perfect portraits

    Wide-angle lenses can create distorted portraits, whereas the ‘flattening’ effect of a telephoto lens can help create flattering ones. Use wide apertures and distant backgrounds to get silky-smooth results.



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