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    Canon takes fashion seriously at London Fashion Week

    | News | 02/03/2013 08:00am
    Canon at London Fashion Week

    Canon Europe are taking part in a number of initiatives as official sponsor of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend. The company will be collaborating with pro photographers, designers, and bloggers.

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    The best Canon photography from 2012

    | Canon Photos | 06/01/2013 08:00am
    Red Kite Feeding by Thomas Hanahoe via The Royal Photographic Society

    Looking for photography inspiration? Take a look at our gallery showcasing some of the best Canon photography from 2012…

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    This Canon 5D Mark II won’t take wildlife pictures lion down

    | News | 08/12/2012 11:00am
    Lion picks up Canon 5D Mark II

    When photographer Ed Hetherington set up his Canon 5D Mark II to capture wildlife in Zimbabwe from an ‘on the ground’ perspective, he didn’t expect to get quite so up close and personal with the local wildlife….

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    Your best Canon photography from August 2012

    | Canon Photos | 05/09/2012 11:11am
    By Shapedlights | | @photoplusmag

    Here’s a selection of a few of our favourite Canon photos you shared to our Facebook page during August 2012!

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    Your best Canon photography from June

    | Canon Photos | 03/07/2012 10:34am
    By Brendan Cullen

    Each month we’re lucky enough to have many great photographs shared to our Facebook wall. Here we’ve shared our favourite Canon photography from June. If you want to see your photos on our website next month, please share them to our wall!

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    5 Canon lenses recommended for video

    | News | 28/06/2012 10:59am
    canon lenses

    SMAPP have created a video that showcases their five favourite Canon lenses for shooting video.

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    Canon 5D Mark II meets 1908 cinema camera 35mm lens

    | News | 26/06/2012 11:08am
    Canon 5D Mark II with old lens

    To achieve a vintage look for an upcoming photography project, Timur Civan attached a Wollensak 35mm F5.0 Cine-Velostigmat hand-cranked cinema camera lens from 1908 (or possibly earlier) to his Canon 5D Mark II.

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    Gallery: Amazing Canon photography

    | Canon Photos | 31/05/2012 14:33pm
    White Stripes by Jesús González Vera

    Our favourite Canon photography featured in Issue 62 of PhotoPlus magazine.

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    Land of the giants: The world’s largest lenses

    | Lenses | 19/05/2012 08:00am

    Camera lenses come in many different sizes. We take a look at the unfathomably massive – the world’s largest consumer lenses.

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    Modern architecture photography from Johannes Heuckeroth

    | Canon Photos | 16/05/2012 08:28am

    Johannes is an architectural photographer based in Germany. Through his photography he is able to draw the viewers’ attention to the curves and lines of modern architecture, forcing people to view these buildings from a unique perspective.

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