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    Enter the world’s richest photo competition for a chance to win $120,000

    | Competitions, News | 11/04/2014 12:15pm
    Saeed Jumoh 610

    With a top prize of $120,000 and a total prize fund of $400,000, now is the time to enter your work into the HIPA photo contest

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    Download 5 free issues of our magazines!

    | News | 10/04/2014 10:00am
    Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 9.56.20 am

    For a very limited time we’re giving readers the opportunity to download five of our digital photo magazines for free!

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    Winner announced for British Heart Foundation landscape photography competition

    | Competitions, News | 09/04/2014 16:19pm
    SarahWillinghamSDowns1 610

    Five stunning winning images have been chosen in the British Heart Foundation’s landscape photography competition

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition April issue 85 on sale!

    | News | 04/03/2014 16:31pm
    PhotoPlus April 2014 issue 85 cover

    New EOS 1200D – Canon’s best-ever budget D-SLR for beginners, master your Canon camera in just one weekend, learn how to take beautiful boudoir portraits, projects on polarisers, candid portraits, create a mono montage, take close-ups of water droplets, plus free videos…

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    NAS – the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)

    | News | 15/01/2014 08:00am
    NAS - the answer to photo storage headaches (Promotional Feature)

    Tired of losing precious images in a morass of memory cards, flash drives and computer storage? WD’s Red drives are coming to the rescue.

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Feb issue 83 on sale now!

    | News | 07/01/2014 12:36pm
    PhotoPlus Feb 2014 issue 83 cover

    Happy New Gear! Whether it’s your first Canon D-SLR or an upgrade, our your existing camera, we guarantee to help you become a better Canon photographer in 2014.

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    Save up to 50% on subscriptions to PhotoPlus magazine

    | News | 06/12/2013 17:15pm

    Magazine subscriptions make the perfect Christmas gift and they last all year, so take advantage of our biggest savings of 2013 – with up to 50% off the cover price!

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    Canon unveils EOS M2 in China, Japan

    | News | 04/12/2013 13:27pm
    Canon unveils EOS M2 in China, Japan

    Canon has released its second compact system camera, the Canon EOS M2, which will only be available in China and Japan.

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    Claim up to £50 cash-back on SanDisk Extreme Pro® memory cards (Sponsored)

    | News | 29/11/2013 15:41pm

    From now until 18 February 2014 you can claim up to £50 cash back on purchases of SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC and CompactFlash cards from select retailers across the UK.

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Dec issue 81 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 12/11/2013 11:34am
    PhotoPlus Dec 2013 issue 81 cover

    This issue we share dedicated tips for 16 of the most popular EOS D-SLRs, our 8-page guide reveals how to Make Cash With Your Canon, our Apprentice spends a day with a top professional to learn how to take stunning close-up shots of indoor flowers, and we display the best Canon photos from the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2013 competition.

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