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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Dec issue 81 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 12/11/2013 11:34am
    PhotoPlus Dec 2013 issue 81 cover

    This issue we share dedicated tips for 16 of the most popular EOS D-SLRs, our 8-page guide reveals how to Make Cash With Your Canon, our Apprentice spends a day with a top professional to learn how to take stunning close-up shots of indoor flowers, and we display the best Canon photos from the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2013 competition.

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Nov issue 80 on sale now!

    | Canon D-SLRs, Latest Issue, News | 15/10/2013 15:25pm
    PhotoPlus Canon Edition cover issue 80 Nov 2013

    In our 80th issue on sale now, we celebrate all that is autumn with a special outdoor photography guide that shows you how to capture colourful landscapes and watery scenes, and autumn wildlife and outdoor portraits. Learn how to shoot and score with your football photography with a top Canon pro at a Premiership match, plus great projects from panospheres and arty action sports shots, to shooting and printing timeless black-and-white portraits…

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Oct issue 79 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 17/09/2013 12:38pm
    PhotoPlus Oct issue 79 cover

    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition issue 79 out now! Break the rules of photography, EOS 70D full verdict, shoot red kites in flight, ten telezooms tested, every Canon-fit lens reviewed…

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Sept issue 78 on sale!

    | Latest Issue, News | 20/08/2013 10:36am
    PhotoPlus September 2013 issue 78

    Discover the joys of using your Canon D-SLR to take long exposures that turn any movement into a beautiful blur. Master shutter speed to creatively capture landscapes, from transforming movement in water and skies to colourful traffic light trails and shooting starry skies at night. We also head to The Lake District to capture stunning lakeside landscapes from sunrise to sunset. We have an 8-page guide on how to take outdoor portraits this summer, the new Canon EOS 70D goes head-to-head with the 60D, we help a reader try out five top-quality carbon fibre tripods, and test 8 flashguns from £115, new camera and Photoshop projects and videos, and much more…

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Aug issue 77 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News, News Story | 23/07/2013 10:40am
    PhotoPlus August issue 77 cover

    This month we’re giving away three FREE gifts – with both print and digital editions – in the shape of a big preview guide to the new Canon EOS 70D; 10 new D-SLR and Photoshop video tutorials to watch and learn; and free full PC photo software PhotoDirector 3 to download! Plus learn essential Canon D-SLR techniques to help you take sharper shots this summer…

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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition July issue 76 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 25/06/2013 16:09pm
    PhotoPlus July 2013 issue 76 cover image

    This month we bring you a Big Test of the Canon EOS D-SLR range! Whether you’re buying your first D-SLR, looking to upgrade, or just interested in comparing specs of the Canon model up or down from yours, there’s an EOS D-SLR for everyone from eight beginner, enthusiast and pro camera options.

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    PhotoPlus June issue 75 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 28/05/2013 10:53am

    To learn how to take and create brilliant black-and-white images, this issue we’ve provided a comprehensive techniques guide: from shooting landscapes and architecture, to portraits and abstracts, as well as camera skills and easy photo-editing step-by-step advice. Plus full tests of the new Canon EOS 100D and 700D D-SLRs…

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    PhotoPlus May issue 74 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 30/04/2013 12:50pm
    PhotoPlus cover issue 74 May 2013

    This issue we bring you hands-on previews on Canon’s two new EOS D-SLRs; the Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1 and EOS 700D/Rebel T5i. We’re very excited about the new 100D, it’s the world’s smallest and lightest APS-C D-SLR. Which is why we’ve dedicated a free eight-page guide to it…

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    PhotoPlus Spring issue 73 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 02/04/2013 10:12am
    PhotoPlus Spring 2013 issue 73 cover

    New PhotoPlus Spring issue 73 now on sale! Discover new Canon D-SLR skills! How to take great portraits like the pros, how to master aperture, shutter speed, focusing and metering, plus flash and lens techniques, and free Top 50 Springtime Landscape Locations guide

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    Our popular Canon SLR Handbook now available for iPad and iPhone!

    | Latest Issue, News | 07/03/2013 07:00am
    Our popular Canon SLR Handbook now available for iPad!

    Are you a Canon SLR user? If so, check out our new 220-page Canon SLR Handbook for iPad, packed with video lessons and Canon tutorials.

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