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    10 top tips for better bird photography

    | Wildlife | 04/02/2013 16:53pm
    CAN55.dream.birds_gannet 39b94e18830248898ff8d6e818afdc24

    Canon photographer Ian Evenden has an eye for the birds and shares his ten tips for achieving top results…

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    Top 5 Bird of Prey Photography Tips

    | Photography Tutorials, Wildlife | 16/11/2012 16:48pm
    Bird of prey photography tips

    Pro wildlife photographer Danny Green reveals his top 5 bird of prey photography tips for getting excellent results

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    Top 10 tips for better photos of birds in flight

    | Wildlife | 25/10/2012 12:22pm
    CAN55.dream.birds_kite 7e1eddf56be34609a1b4f43adc194f48

    Photographing birds in flight poses many challenges, so we have put together a list of our top ten tips to help you capture sharp shots.

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    Ten ways to improve your macro photography

    | Wildlife | 24/10/2012 15:01pm

    Award-winning nature photographer and regular PhotoPlus contributor David Maitland shares his tips for using macro lenses to capture small creatures.

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    How to set up your camera to shoot bird photography

    | Photography Tutorials, Wildlife | 26/07/2012 08:00am
    How to set up your camera to shoot bird photography

    Find out the best camera settings to use for bird photography, whether you’re shooting static birds or seeking pictures of birds in flight.

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    Top 10 Wildlife Photography Tips

    | Wildlife | 20/07/2012 16:15pm
    CAN22.dream.10ways_8 f133fe35390e4f0490bbc76e21d0bd28

    Improve your wildlife photography today with our top ten tips!

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    Top 10 bird photography tips

    | Wildlife | 29/06/2012 11:31am
    CAN57.appren.3096_sotd 34c2eb462050409c86971724dc28648c

    Follow our top 10 bird photography tips and capture great shots of feathered subjects…

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    3 quick tips for taking pictures through glass

    | Photography Tutorials, Wildlife | 11/06/2012 07:00am
    Quick tips for taking pictures through glass

    Do you suffer problems with glare and reflections when you shoot at your local wildlife park or museum?

    It’s a common problem, yet thankfully easy to remedy. Below we offer three quick tips for helping you get clear, sharp images when taking pictures through glass.

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    How to photograph on safari: tips from director of Disney’s ‘African Cats’

    | Photography Tutorials, Wildlife | 20/05/2012 08:00am
    One of the cheetah "Boys"

    Keith Scholey is a British-born photographer and producer of nature documentaries for television and cinema, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His most recent documentary, Disney’s African Cats, follows two big cat families and studies how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild.

    Recently he shared with us his top tips for photographing big cats in the wild.

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