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    PhotoPlus: Canon Edition Sept issue 78 on sale!

    | Latest Issue, News | 20/08/2013 10:36am
    PhotoPlus September 2013 issue 78

    Discover the joys of using your Canon D-SLR to take long exposures that turn any movement into a beautiful blur. Master shutter speed to creatively capture landscapes, from transforming movement in water and skies to colourful traffic light trails and shooting starry skies at night. We also head to The Lake District to capture stunning lakeside landscapes from sunrise to sunset. We have an 8-page guide on how to take outdoor portraits this summer, the new Canon EOS 70D goes head-to-head with the 60D, we help a reader try out five top-quality carbon fibre tripods, and test 8 flashguns from £115, new camera and Photoshop projects and videos, and much more…

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    Canon unveils 20.2-megapixel EOS 70D

    | News | 02/07/2013 05:10am
    Canon unveils 20.2-megapixel EOS 70D

    The Canon EOS 70D price tag is set for £1079 body-only, with a release date at the end of August. The 20.2MP Canon EOS 60D replacement also offers Wi-Fi, an articulated touchscreen and new Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

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    Canon EOS 700D: a first look at Canon’s EOS 650D replacement

    | News | 21/03/2013 05:06am
    Canon EOS 700D: price, release date, specs revealed for EOS 650D replacement

    Along with its Canon EOS 100D announcement, the company has revealed a Canon 650D replacement, giving us an official Canon EOS 700D price, release date and spec sheet.

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    Canon EOS 100D: a first look at the world’s smallest-ever APS-C DSLR

    | News | 21/03/2013 05:04am
    Canon EOS 100D: price, release date, specs for smallest-ever APS-C DSLR

    Canon has revealed an official Canon EOS 100D price, release date and spec sheet for the new DSLR claimed to be the smallest and lightest APS-C DSLR ever made.

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    Canon 6D: tips for using your EOS camera

    | Canon D-SLR Skills, Photography Tutorials | 06/03/2013 15:08pm

    Are you a Canon 6D user? So you think you know how to use your Canon DSLR? Like many of us, you may have an EOS camera but tend to use only a handful of its features.

    In our ongoing review of some of the more popular current and ‘out of date’ Canon cameras, we want to help you better harness your camera’s creative potential.

    Call them camera tips, or call it a user’s guide to your favourite Canon DSLR. The advice below comes from experts who have used the Canon 6D and know this DSLR inside and out.

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    PhotoPlus April issue 72 on sale now!

    | Latest Issue, News | 05/03/2013 10:55am
    PhotoPlus April 2013 issue 72 cover image

    Master Your Canon D-SLR! Learn to take control of your Canon camera and shoot spectacular landscapes today! Plus free Full-Frame Canon D-SLR guide on the EOS 6D, 5D Mk III and 1D X, and a whole lot more expert advice and practical photography tips inside!

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    Canon takes fashion seriously at London Fashion Week

    | News | 02/03/2013 08:00am
    Canon at London Fashion Week

    Canon Europe are taking part in a number of initiatives as official sponsor of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend. The company will be collaborating with pro photographers, designers, and bloggers.

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    How to get sharp pictures with your Canon D-SLR

    | Canon D-SLRs | 29/01/2013 15:33pm
    sharper shots1

    Whether it’s front-to-back sharpness or depth of field effects, discover the camera settings and techniques you need for optimum definition.

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    How to freeze action packed sledging shots with your Canon D-SLR

    | Action | 23/01/2013 14:39pm
    snow ramp2

    As the snow hits the UK, the PhotoPlus team are eager to hit the slopes in Bath to go sledging. With Technique Editor Claire Gillo armed with her Canon EOS 7D and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM she was ready to capture some action packed snowy shots.

    Photographing in snowy conditions and mastering the art of freezing action can prove tricky so follow our top ten tips on how to capture speedy sledging shots.

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    How to use the metering modes on your Canon DSLR

    | Canon D-SLR Skills, Photography Tutorials | 17/01/2013 10:37am
    metering modes

    Learn how to measure the light for perfectly exposed shots every time.

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